Revealed: Changelings: Rise of Kings

Hey, looky here! We have cover art! And to celebrate, we also have fiction! The forming of the story that is now Changelings: Rise of Kings was fraught with many a darling, plot-hole, continuity error, and time-travel migraine. Great swaths of story were cut, re-fashioned, and re-purposed, but my favorite was the story of D’sContinue reading “Revealed: Changelings: Rise of Kings”

Be Our Guest: Dilettante vs Druid

Please welcome to the blog, the delightfully witty Helena Hann-Basquiat, our very favorite Dilettante. She graciously wrote up a hilarious account of her most recent run-in with D.  So, lend her your eyes and enjoy! Be sure to tell her how much you love this in the comments! Dilettante vs Druid When I arrived at theContinue reading “Be Our Guest: Dilettante vs Druid”

Moments to Remember: The Druid himself – An origin narrative

A: It’s the final piece of the D/A Dialogues origin stories, written in response to the Weekly Challenge: Reflections. D: Because we all know that, for A, following the rules and only posting one thing in response to a challenge is boring. A: Too right, Druid. D: (Eye roll) Today, it’s my turn to speakContinue reading “Moments to Remember: The Druid himself – An origin narrative”

The Druid asks the Questions – Dani Vedsted

Ladies and Gents, it is my pleasure and my honor to put the questions to Miss Dani Vedsted. Dani is the proprietress of the Etsy Shop, Fall’n Love Crafts and a blog of the same name. I ask your forgiveness in advance – I am about as familiar with crafts as A is with theContinue reading “The Druid asks the Questions – Dani Vedsted”

Hidden: Dubh Súile Speaks

D: My name is Dubh Súile mac Alasdair. A: No, it is not. D: We’ve been over this, A. A: I know, but how can you open a post with that? It isn’t your name (name changer)! D: I thought you were going to give me the floor today. A: Oh. Yeah. Sorry. Go ahead.Continue reading “Hidden: Dubh Súile Speaks”

The Druid asks the Questions of Jack Flacco

D: It is my pleasure, nay, my grave pleasure—see what I did there A? A: (eye roll) Yes, D – I see it. Very clever. D: You don’t sound very impressed. A: Sorry, I was saving the ticker-tape for a special occasion. D: What could be more special than this? Ladies and Gentlemen, it isContinue reading “The Druid asks the Questions of Jack Flacco”

A Date with A Druid, Part 2

Is D ready for the modern world of dating? Is the modern world of dating ready for D? It started out as a desperate cry from lonely Druid – let me have a date with your character, 1WriteWay (Marie Ann Bailey), I promise I’ll behave. Yeah right, said the writers. Nevertheless, the date happened. Read onContinue reading “A Date with A Druid, Part 2”

The Druid Asks the Questions of Briana Vedsted

A: D. D, put down the hat. D: What are you talking about? Briana’s coming! A: Yes, but she does write other things besides westerns featuring Billy the Kid. Besides, the hat just looks– D: Don’t you say it, A. Billy liked it, and that makes it just fine. A: Whatever. Just make sure youContinue reading “The Druid Asks the Questions of Briana Vedsted”