The People’s Republic of Helena needs YOU!

A: D. D! Wake up, D! D: Wha-what is it, woman?! A: We have a job to do. D: Don’t you always have a job to do? Isn’t that what you claim keeps you in coffee and bandwith? A: Yes, but this is an even more important job. D: Oh, pray tell . . .Continue reading “The People’s Republic of Helena needs YOU!”

The Druid Asks the Questions of Briana Vedsted

A: D. D, put down the hat. D: What are you talking about? Briana’s coming! A: Yes, but she does write other things besides westerns featuring Billy the Kid. Besides, the hat just looks– D: Don’t you say it, A. Billy liked it, and that makes it just fine. A: Whatever. Just make sure youContinue reading “The Druid Asks the Questions of Briana Vedsted”