Dancing in the Mind of the Beholder

This is for two WordPress Daily Prompts, yesterday’s: Mind Reader, and today’s: Game of Groans *** I see a lot of people. I work in customer service, and moonlight in reception. It’s a people-palooza. But this person – this person sparked my imagination. We’ll call her Joan. *** Oh my gosh, what am I doing?Continue reading “Dancing in the Mind of the Beholder”

He Pleads . . . Fireworks?

A: Come on, D. Spill it. What are your guilty pleasures? D: A, I’m as close to an ascetic as one can be. A: That is a load of malarkey – you’ve taken ‘warrior-priest’ to a whole new extreme. Besides, I happen to know your heart still beats in double-time whenever Mairead sidles by. D:Continue reading “He Pleads . . . Fireworks?”