Spotlight: Helena, the Memoirs & PubSlush, Oh My!

When we discussed the idea of Helena featuring some of her incredible work from the upcoming Memoirs of a Dilettante, Vol. 2 on the D/A Dialogues, I had no idea which piece she’d choose. I knew they’d all be great – because, frankly, all of them are – but I can tell you right now, the one sheContinue reading “Spotlight: Helena, the Memoirs & PubSlush, Oh My!”

Be Our Guest: Dilettante vs Druid

Please welcome to the blog, the delightfully witty Helena Hann-Basquiat, our very favorite Dilettante. She graciously wrote up a hilarious account of her most recent run-in with D.  So, lend her your eyes and enjoy! Be sure to tell her how much you love this in the comments! Dilettante vs Druid When I arrived at theContinue reading “Be Our Guest: Dilettante vs Druid”


“So, this Zoroastrian, Jennifer Aniston and a Leprechaun walk into a bar – stop me if you’ve heard this, babe.” Bored chatter on the other end of the cell phone told him that ‘babe’ – aka Jonathan L.F. Morgan, head of Le Fay, Morgan and Sons – had heard the joke before. “Johnny, Johnny –Continue reading “Shenanigans”


D: Tonight’s blog post has been postponed due to . . . traffic. You see, our regularly scheduled performance was hindered by A’s inability to find a yellow apartment block. On Grayden. Numbers, unknown. Because TC is a boy. And boys give funny directions. A is a girl. Girls also give funny directions. A alsoContinue reading “Ruthless”

Bloody Bard Bares . . .

A: He rode a blazing saddle…! D: . . . A: Come on, D. Aren’t you going to fill in the next line? Hint: He wore a shining– D: I would think wearing a blazing saddle would be enough mental imagery for the folks reading. As you’ve been reminding me all day, it is aContinue reading “Bloody Bard Bares . . .”

Hot Chocolate: Let me count the ways

So many reasons to love hot chocolate: It has a fun history. It’s good for you. Young or old, it has tons of healthy properties. Learn to love the deep dark stuff, and you’re golden! It takes a ridiculous amount to kill you, but with the amount of endorphins running through your system, at thatContinue reading “Hot Chocolate: Let me count the ways”

Hot Chocolate – it’s no laughing matter

A: Wait, no – it is. It is a laughing matter – especially with these: D: Hey, what am I, chopped liver? A: I didn’t think you liked internet memes. D: I don’t, but this one seemed at least faintly acceptable. A: Pray tell. D: Allow me to introduce to you, Grumpy Cat! A: .Continue reading “Hot Chocolate – it’s no laughing matter”

Death by Chocolate

D: A? A is it wise to drink that much chocolate? A: Whatever do you mean, D? D: It might be good for you, but perhaps not in that quantity. A: I can handle it. D: Are you certain? Your gait is a bit wobbly, there. A: Is not. D: Is. A: (Walks into aContinue reading “Death by Chocolate”

Theobroma Cacao to the rescue!

A: I told you, D. Hot Chocolate is good for you. D: Prove it. A: I don’t have to, a research paper in the August 7  2013 edition of Neurology already stated it. D: . . . hm, cognitive function . . . bla bla bla . . . cerebral white matter integrity . . .Continue reading “Theobroma Cacao to the rescue!”