Be Our Guest: Dilettante vs Druid

Please welcome to the blog, the delightfully witty Helena Hann-Basquiat, our very favorite Dilettante. She graciously wrote up a hilarious account of her most recent run-in with D.  So, lend her your eyes and enjoy! Be sure to tell her how much you love this in the comments! Dilettante vs Druid When I arrived at theContinue reading “Be Our Guest: Dilettante vs Druid”

Warning: Here be Splinters

A: Did you know that the De Havilland Mosquito was made of wood – plywood, balsa and birch? D: I do recall something of that nature. If I remember correctly, that is why I had no interest in flying in one of them. A: So, the immediacy of the war, death, danger and the factContinue reading “Warning: Here be Splinters”

I solemnly swear. . .

D: You are never up to any good. A: Yes, I am. I’m up to researching-good. D: Researching-good? Never mind your abhorrent abuse of words, I thought this was going to be about resolutions. A: Yeah, that ship could have docked last week. If it had, I was going to mention something about organization, stayingContinue reading “I solemnly swear. . .”

Hidden: Dubh Súile Speaks

D: My name is Dubh Súile mac Alasdair. A: No, it is not. D: We’ve been over this, A. A: I know, but how can you open a post with that? It isn’t your name (name changer)! D: I thought you were going to give me the floor today. A: Oh. Yeah. Sorry. Go ahead.Continue reading “Hidden: Dubh Súile Speaks”

The Man Behind the Curtain

D: Who is behind the curtain? A: You. D: But – are you accusing me of being a hack who subs sawdust for brains? A: You’re rather attached to that reference, aren’t you? D: It comes in so well with you. A: Cheers, D. And while that was part of the allusion, I was moreContinue reading “The Man Behind the Curtain”

A Date with A Druid, Part 2

Is D ready for the modern world of dating? Is the modern world of dating ready for D? It started out as a desperate cry from lonely Druid – let me have a date with your character, 1WriteWay (Marie Ann Bailey), I promise I’ll behave. Yeah right, said the writers. Nevertheless, the date happened. Read onContinue reading “A Date with A Druid, Part 2”

A Date with the Druid, Part 1

It all started when Marie Ann Bailey, at 1WriteWay, agreed to allow D to interview her. He somehow got it into his head that one of her characters, Mary, was a suitable focus for his attention. After much begging– D: A.  A: Sorry. After much pleading– D: A! A: Fine. After subtly insinuating that perhapsContinue reading “A Date with the Druid, Part 1”

Terrifically told tales

A: So, how did your little boy’s night with Charlie go? D: I’m not talking to you. A: Then you won’t mind if I start the tale-telling? D: What? Of course I mind! It’s Wednesday – that’s Druid’s Day, not A’s day to steal D’s thunder day. A: Is Druid’s day anything like Durin’s Day?Continue reading “Terrifically told tales”

Talented Taliesin Tells Tall Tales

I’m baaaack – admit it, you missed the troubadour extraordinaire, the bardest with the mostest, the Druid who is fluid (with words)– D: What are you doing, A? A: Oh, Hi D. Um, I’m impersonating you? D: Go to bed, woman, and leave the tale telling to the pros. A: So you know how youContinue reading “Talented Taliesin Tells Tall Tales”