He Pleads . . . Fireworks?

A: Come on, D. Spill it. What are your guilty pleasures? D: A, I’m as close to an ascetic as one can be. A: That is a load of malarkey – you’ve taken ‘warrior-priest’ to a whole new extreme. Besides, I happen to know your heart still beats in double-time whenever Mairead sidles by. D:Continue reading “He Pleads . . . Fireworks?”

Exacting Expectations

A: The WordPress challenge-of-the-week is all about expectations. What they are, how we achieve them, and how they can sometimes go terribly, horribly wrong. D: Pessimist. They can also be exceeded. A: Indeed, they can. But when I saw the challenge, my first thought immediately went to my expectations for the blog. What do IContinue reading “Exacting Expectations”

An Exercise in Prose: Lives Entwine

Warning: Prose ahead! The Daily Post’s challenge-of-the-week was to write a post in prose. Now, I know quite a few excellent poets, and I know I am not of their number. However, as my brain steadfastly refuses to leave D’s world, I thought a bit of prose introducing the players in Book 2 might be inContinue reading “An Exercise in Prose: Lives Entwine”

On the first day of NaNo . . .

On the first day of NaNo, my true muse gave to me. . . A family that’s dear to me. It came to me, yesterday, how I could blog and NaNo at the same time (because NaNo is a verb, now). The reviled and/or beloved holiday song, The Twelve Days of Christmas, was to becomeContinue reading “On the first day of NaNo . . .”

Blogging Experiment: The Results!

A: The results are in, D! D: And the doctors have decided that commitment is the best option for you, I presume. A: Not those kind of results, D. Seán Cooke posted the results of the mystery blogging experiment he conducted. D: Wonderful. I still think they’re going to commit you. A: If they do,Continue reading “Blogging Experiment: The Results!”