Of Kin and Kinship: The World of the Changelings

Years ago, when I started this blog, I intended it to have two purposes: 1) force me to put myself out there and start talking about what was, at the time, simply referred to as “The Book,” and 2) create a semi-interactive repository for all the minutia of the world of the Changelings. The firstContinue reading “Of Kin and Kinship: The World of the Changelings”

We’re a Wee-Bit-Wordy

A: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to turn your attention to the link here, which will take you to the wonderful world of Wee Bit Wordy, where Dean was kind enough to invite yours truly to write a few words– D: Ahem. A: Yes, D? D: Just where am I over at Wee Bit Wordy?Continue reading “We’re a Wee-Bit-Wordy”

Heresy of Before: Spirit Keeper, Part 3

D: Are we there, yet? A: What? D: Are we there, yet? A: Where is there? D: You know where, A. A: Um. . . Why do I have the feeling this could quickly devolve into a Who’s on First debacle? D: Who’s on First? A: Yes. D: . . . . Are we there yet? A:Fair play.Continue reading “Heresy of Before: Spirit Keeper, Part 3”

The Heresy of Before: Spirit Keeper, Part 1

So, weeks ago, Terrible Mind’s Chuck Wendig had this fantastic flash fiction prompt in which the participants were to pick two sub-genres (technically to be picked by a randomizer but bah! rules) and have up to 2k words-worth of fun with them. I picked “dystopian” and “cozy.” Because, how hard could that be, right? IContinue reading “The Heresy of Before: Spirit Keeper, Part 1”

Dancing in the Mind of the Beholder

This is for two WordPress Daily Prompts, yesterday’s: Mind Reader, and today’s: Game of Groans *** I see a lot of people. I work in customer service, and moonlight in reception. It’s a people-palooza. But this person – this person sparked my imagination. We’ll call her Joan. *** Oh my gosh, what am I doing?Continue reading “Dancing in the Mind of the Beholder”

Living Musically: Prepare Ye

D: What, pray tell, are we preparing for? A: . . . um, May Day? Beltane? D: Really? Because I’m pretty certain that Prepare Ye the way of the Lord has nothing to do with Beltane. A: Not even if we’re going to Sing About Love? D: . . . Still not going with it.Continue reading “Living Musically: Prepare Ye”

You Bingo? I Bingo. Book Bingo!

A: Do you know, that if you write the word “bingo” often enough, it looks like the word is spelled wrong. D: You said that about “mysteries” yesterday. A: And I wasn’t wrong. It looks funny. D: . . . A: Stop tapping your foot at me. Yes, I have a point. D: Oh, blessedContinue reading “You Bingo? I Bingo. Book Bingo!”