Happy Birthday, Memory of Myth!

Well, not exactly – the third and final chapter in the Changelings series was actually published on May 30, but the paperback – always my favorite part of the book creation process – went live one year ago today, so I’m celebrating! Today and tomorrow (June 30 and July 1) only, every digital edition ofContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Memory of Myth!”

Changelings: The Memory of Myth

The war between Man and Fae is over. Nuada is dead, but so too is Sean. Dubh has disappeared back into the mists of time, and Maureen is alone. But not quite. Aunt Margaret, torn from her own time, is waiting for Maureen to come home – to bear witness to the family she saved.Continue reading “Changelings: The Memory of Myth”

Presenting: Three Ghosts – On Sale Now!

What do you do when the decisions you’ve made come back to haunt you? How do you make them right? Can you, when one wrong move will mean lives lost? Deirdre O’Brien, an American political-activist living in Dublin, married the wrong man – and had to kill him to save the lives of thousands. FifteenContinue reading “Presenting: Three Ghosts – On Sale Now!”

Revealed: Memoirs of a Dilettante, Vol. 2

A: D! D! Check it out! D: What, woman? Good gods, what is the time? I’m aware you keep the hours of owls, but the rest of us do not. A: Oh, you’ll perk right up for this . . . D: Is this more of your innuendo talk? A: My innuendo–you’ve come up with plentyContinue reading “Revealed: Memoirs of a Dilettante, Vol. 2”

Changelings: A Recap

Happy December, Blogosphere! It’s been a wild, eye-opening month since I began the last stages of Changelings’ release – a rewarding crowd-funding campaign, a lovely release party and a trip across the interwebs. There have been some amazing reviews and support – it’s beyond my comprehension and my gratitude is matched only by how tiredContinue reading “Changelings: A Recap”

Changelings on Tour: Dean Kealy

Last, but certainly not least on the Changelings Blog Tour is Dean from It’s a Wee Bit Wordy and Dean’z Doodlez. Dean is an Irish student, artist and writer, who not only beta-read Changelings, but offered some editing tips on the line of Irish dialogue (Google Translator, it turns out, isn’t a fabulous idea!). IContinue reading “Changelings on Tour: Dean Kealy”

Changelings on Tour: John W. Howell

John W. Howell of Fiction Favorites is playing host to the Changelings blog tour on this, the seventh day of its march across the interwebs. Like so many of the wonderful people on this tour, I met John at the beginning of my blogging journey, and got to know him better through the Community Storyboard.Continue reading “Changelings on Tour: John W. Howell”

Changelings on Tour: Andra Watkins

Have you ever met someone who is just one of your people? On day six of the Changelings Blog Tour, Andra Watkins, author of To Live Forever: The Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis (buy it!) is host. Andra has to be one of the most amusing and insightful people I’ve met on my blogging journey.Continue reading “Changelings on Tour: Andra Watkins”

Counting my blessings

A: What a day, D. D:Yeah, man. Whew. What a day— A: What are you doing? D: Um, commiserating? A: Stop. It’s just weird. D: Oh, thank heavens. So, are you a bestseller yet? A: (Sigh) I think I liked weird better. D: Whatever, woman. Don’t dodge the question. A: I’m better than a bestsellerContinue reading “Counting my blessings”

It’s Here! Changelings: Into the Mist

Changelings. They were the descendants of Man and Fae. They walked between worlds – as healers, mystics, even kings – but no more. He thought he was the last, alone and lost, until the day he saw them. Irish teens Maureen O’Malley and Sean McAndrew are lost in time. To find a way home, theyContinue reading “It’s Here! Changelings: Into the Mist”