Day 2: Mouldering Detritus

Aunt Margaret collected bits of silver and books, mouldering paper and the detritus of our families’ lives like other people collected coins, or stamps. D: Moulding Detritus? Oh, that’s just a delightful turn of phrase, A. A: Like it? I thought it was lovely, myself. D: You would. A: Whatever – read on, D. BesidesContinue reading “Day 2: Mouldering Detritus”

Day 1: Kicking off – where I left off

I dreamed we were young again. . . We were in Grace O’Malley’s stronghold, the first time we traveled in time… We were bright with the belief we were simply biding our time… that winter day, we had no knowledge of what was to come. And so, Day 1 of Camp Nano begins where IContinue reading “Day 1: Kicking off – where I left off”

Unmasked: A love letter to our favorite Dilettante

There’s a rumor going round that our dearest Dilettante, Helena Hann-Basquiat (not to mention her hair-raising alter ego, Jessica B. Bell) has been unmasked. And well, I think the title of the – ah – revelatory post says it all. Helena is the Goddamn Batman. She doesn’t need to be unmasked. The name and genderContinue reading “Unmasked: A love letter to our favorite Dilettante”

We’re a Wee-Bit-Wordy

A: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to turn your attention to the link here, which will take you to the wonderful world of Wee Bit Wordy, where Dean was kind enough to invite yours truly to write a few words– D: Ahem. A: Yes, D? D: Just where am I over at Wee Bit Wordy?Continue reading “We’re a Wee-Bit-Wordy”

An Exercise in Prose: Lives Entwine

Warning: Prose ahead! The Daily Post’s challenge-of-the-week was to write a post in prose. Now, I know quite a few excellent poets, and I know I am not of their number. However, as my brain steadfastly refuses to leave D’s world, I thought a bit of prose introducing the players in Book 2 might be inContinue reading “An Exercise in Prose: Lives Entwine”

Moments to Remember: The Druid himself – An origin narrative

A: It’s the final piece of the D/A Dialogues origin stories, written in response to the Weekly Challenge: Reflections. D: Because we all know that, for A, following the rules and only posting one thing in response to a challenge is boring. A: Too right, Druid. D: (Eye roll) Today, it’s my turn to speakContinue reading “Moments to Remember: The Druid himself – An origin narrative”

Moments to Remember: D’s Character Origins

Part Two in the D/A Dialogues Origin Story – in response to the WordPress Weekly Challenge: Reflections. A: What is a character’s true origin story? Is it their personal history, or is it the story of how they came to reside in an author’s imagination? D: Both. A: Okay, which one would you prefer toContinue reading “Moments to Remember: D’s Character Origins”

Moments to Remember: A bookish addendum

A: Before D gets going on his origin story – D: Of course you would interrupt my glory. A: I’m not interrupting. This is an addendum to yesterday’s origin story post. D: Oh, sure. A: Oi, Druid – you get 2/3 of this 3-part origin story! Besides, I think the germ of you may beContinue reading “Moments to Remember: A bookish addendum”