Introducing: The Heresy of Before

When I said goodbye to Maureen, Sean and Dubh – and Margaret, Gerry, Catherine, and the whole crew my orphans managed to gather around themselves as the Changelings wrapped up – I thought I would take a break from writing. Play a few video games. Read a few books. Maybe learn to knit. And thenContinue reading “Introducing: The Heresy of Before”

Day 2: Mouldering Detritus

Aunt Margaret collected bits of silver and books, mouldering paper and the detritus of our families’ lives like other people collected coins, or stamps. D: Moulding Detritus? Oh, that’s just a delightful turn of phrase, A. A: Like it? I thought it was lovely, myself. D: You would. A: Whatever – read on, D. BesidesContinue reading “Day 2: Mouldering Detritus”

Day 1: Kicking off – where I left off

I dreamed we were young again. . . We were in Grace O’Malley’s stronghold, the first time we traveled in time… We were bright with the belief we were simply biding our time… that winter day, we had no knowledge of what was to come. And so, Day 1 of Camp Nano begins where IContinue reading “Day 1: Kicking off – where I left off”

Ready. Set. Go. Camp NaNoWriMo

Camp NaNoWriMo is kind to me – always has been. I’ve attempted the official NaNoWriMo in November three times, and three times, I’ve failed – or rather, allowed a variety of life events take precedence. I even have a category here dedicated entirely to that failure! I’ve done a camp three times too – andContinue reading “Ready. Set. Go. Camp NaNoWriMo”

The World of the Changelings: The name’s the thing

First things first – how do you pronounce those names? From Niamh Golden Hair and Nuada Silver Arm, Áine, Manannán mac Lir and Dubhshìth, to Tír na nÓg and Tech Duinn, the world of the Changelings is a challenge when it comes to cultural/historical/mythological accuracy and ease of reading. Not even for me! The following isContinue reading “The World of the Changelings: The name’s the thing”

Recommended: A New Hype

A: Head on over to The Recommenders to tell us what you’re hyped about in upcoming books, movies or shows in the month of May – and get a quick run-down of what we’re looking forward to, as well! D: What is this we, stuff A? Your plebeian list certainly isn’t what I’m hyped about.Continue reading “Recommended: A New Hype”

A sale – a story – and a surprise?

Well, that went by fast. I knew it was getting close, but it was still a bit of a shock when Facebook reminded me yesterday that a full year had passed since I released the first book – the 20-year project – of the Changelings saga. It also marked the nine months since I’ve blogged with anyContinue reading “A sale – a story – and a surprise?”


What’s this Singularity thing I keep crowing about? Check out diettante factory’s “Road So Far” on the Singularity journey – and don’t forget to stop by the release party on Facebook for some great conversation and a terrifying freebie from the writers of Singularity!

Adventure with us to Jessica B. Bell’s Wayward Home for Lost Characters

D: Well, look who’s alive. A: Really? That’s all you have for me? Not-very-imaginative-snark? D: Well, it looked like you were in a hurry and I know you want to keep these ‘adventure with us’ guest blog notifications to half a page. A: . . . D: OK, fine. It’s been a while. I’m rusty. A:Continue reading “Adventure with us to Jessica B. Bell’s Wayward Home for Lost Characters”