Presenting: Three Ghosts – On Sale Now!

What do you do when the decisions you’ve made come back to haunt you? How do you make them right? Can you, when one wrong move will mean lives lost? Deirdre O’Brien, an American political-activist living in Dublin, married the wrong man – and had to kill him to save the lives of thousands. FifteenContinue reading “Presenting: Three Ghosts – On Sale Now!”

Three Ghosts: A Post-Script (Spoilers!)

Whew, I never thought we’d get here – but here it is, the conclusion to the contemporary Irish thriller, Three Ghosts. Warning, just like yesterday, here be spoilers – but don’t worry – if you didn’t read along, and/or don’t like reading in serial format, the full novella – including all-new content – will beContinue reading “Three Ghosts: A Post-Script (Spoilers!)”

Spotlight: Helena, the Memoirs & PubSlush, Oh My!

When we discussed the idea of Helena featuring some of her incredible work from the upcoming Memoirs of a Dilettante, Vol. 2 on the D/A Dialogues, I had no idea which piece she’d choose. I knew they’d all be great – because, frankly, all of them are – but I can tell you right now, the one sheContinue reading “Spotlight: Helena, the Memoirs & PubSlush, Oh My!”

‘Twas the week before Valentine’s . . .

‘Twas the week before Valentine’s, And all through the house, Nary a heart was heard beating,  No, not even a pulse… D: Um, A. . . A: Yes, D? D: What are you doing? A: Taking creative license with Valentine’s Day. D: With a poem ripped off from Christmas? A: It’s how I roll. D:Continue reading “‘Twas the week before Valentine’s . . .”

Three Ghosts: Part One

While the Christmas decorations were put away this weekend (sniff), one small tidbit of Christmas remains: a short story serial I started, with the help of a text message, a good month before Christmas. Theater productions and plague stood between me and sharing it with the world, which in retrospect, was a good thing. ThatContinue reading “Three Ghosts: Part One”

Bubbles the Elf

… And we’re back! Combine the holiday season with a theater-kid and the plague, and you have a ghastly soup called: Death or Something Like It. Because I’m almost certain the last month is pretty close to what Limbo* was like – awareness, but without the ability to do anything, nor take anything but theContinue reading “Bubbles the Elf”

All Hallow’s Eve

I have to say, next to Christmas, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Having a Druid as a character in my head for over 13 years might have something to do with it, but honestly, I’ve always loved this holiday. I dress up every year – in some small way. Lately, I’ve been the Wicked WitchContinue reading “All Hallow’s Eve”

Heresy of Before: Spirit Keeper, Part 3

D: Are we there, yet? A: What? D: Are we there, yet? A: Where is there? D: You know where, A. A: Um. . . Why do I have the feeling this could quickly devolve into a Who’s on First debacle? D: Who’s on First? A: Yes. D: . . . . Are we there yet? A:Fair play.Continue reading “Heresy of Before: Spirit Keeper, Part 3”

The Heresy of Before: Spirit Keeper, Part 2

D: Sorry, ma’am, authorized personnel only. A: Authorized—D, let me in! D: Please ma’am, I have to ask you to step away. A: Step away? What is this? D, it’s me. D: Who is this ‘me’ you speak of? A: . . . D: Tapping your foot at me – no matter how menacingly –Continue reading “The Heresy of Before: Spirit Keeper, Part 2”