A Date with A Druid, Part 2

Is D ready for the modern world of dating? Is the modern world of dating ready for D? It started out as a desperate cry from lonely Druid – let me have a date with your character, 1WriteWay (Marie Ann Bailey), I promise I’ll behave. Yeah right, said the writers. Nevertheless, the date happened. Read onContinue reading “A Date with A Druid, Part 2”

A Date with the Druid, Part 1

It all started when Marie Ann Bailey, at 1WriteWay, agreed to allow D to interview her. He somehow got it into his head that one of her characters, Mary, was a suitable focus for his attention. After much begging– D: A.  A: Sorry. After much pleading– D: A! A: Fine. After subtly insinuating that perhapsContinue reading “A Date with the Druid, Part 1”