A Date with the Druid, Part 1

It all started when Marie Ann Bailey, at 1WriteWay, agreed to allow D to interview her. He somehow got it into his head that one of her characters, Mary, was a suitable focus for his attention. After much begging– D: A.  A: Sorry. After much pleading– D: A! A: Fine. After subtly insinuating that perhapsContinue reading “A Date with the Druid, Part 1”

Old Hand’s voyage to Ireland Part 1

While A is away, the blog still gets to play. Please welcome a swab on the Old Hand, from A View from the Wheelhouse. Blinded by spray, I grabbed the weather rail as the north wind collided with the ebb and turned  Saint George’s Channel into a churning mass of breaking seas. We beat westward untilContinue reading “Old Hand’s voyage to Ireland Part 1”

The lurker

“. . . What do you think, Dubhal, will he live?” “His head will hurt for a good while” a man replied from the shadows behind Sean, his voice a gruff rumble. “Here, chew on this.” He reached around and shoved something into Sean’s open palm. Hearing the voice, Sean realized the man – DubhalContinue reading “The lurker”