Day 1: Kicking off – where I left off

I dreamed we were young again. . . We were in Grace O’Malley’s stronghold, the first time we traveled in time… We were bright with the belief we were simply biding our time… that winter day, we had no knowledge of what was to come. And so, Day 1 of Camp Nano begins where IContinue reading “Day 1: Kicking off – where I left off”


I don’t remember my dreams very often. Those I do are worked into books (thanks, D), pondered because they’re just weird, or immediately discarded because they’re so horrible, I’m afraid of incurring the feeling of them throughout my day. Sometimes though, the dreams I remember are heralds. Not in a way that is prophetic –Continue reading “Dream-maker”


Other fiction I write has found a home on The Community Storyboard, and my trials and conquests with Paleo have found—wait, no that’s a spoiler – and D has his own outlet here when he takes the blog for a day to tell his tale. I decided that Sundays, instead of being a weekly updateContinue reading “Hope”

And so it goes

D: Admit it, A. You missed me. A: That was supposed to be my line. D: Perhaps – and perhaps I may yet answer it – but you missed the snark. A: Maybe. You aren’t nearly as fun in the book. D: I’m a Druid fighting for his life and the life of his chargesContinue reading “And so it goes”