The Memory of Myth – Paperback Now Available!

The third and final chapter in the Changelings series has been live for a month, and now I’m happy to report I have a paperback edition share! Get it here on Amazon. In other good news, today begins the Changelings E-Book Summer Sale on Amazon! Summer Sale Changelings: The Memory of Myth Pirates ~ RebelsContinue reading “The Memory of Myth – Paperback Now Available!”

The Memory of Myth: 1964

Changelings: The Memory of Myth is two days away! I took a different approach to the book this time around – both stylistically, and in terms of practicality. The E-Book will be available on Saturday, and the paperback a few weeks after that. Instead of the pages and pages of an in-book appendix – lovinglyContinue reading “The Memory of Myth: 1964”

The Memory of Myth: A Look Back

Well, there are 6 days left. The third – and final – book in the Changelings series, The Memory of Myth comes out on May 30.  The Memory of Myth is my birthday present to myself – a stressful present, but still a present. The book also tells a story I never expected to tell and follows Maureen to aContinue reading “The Memory of Myth: A Look Back”

Changelings: The Memory of Myth

The war between Man and Fae is over. Nuada is dead, but so too is Sean. Dubh has disappeared back into the mists of time, and Maureen is alone. But not quite. Aunt Margaret, torn from her own time, is waiting for Maureen to come home – to bear witness to the family she saved.Continue reading “Changelings: The Memory of Myth”

First Fridays: Chapter Three

D: You know, A, I’ve been thinking. A: This ought to be good . . . D: What was that? A: Nothing. You were saying? D: . . . Yes, well, I was thinking perhaps we could skip this chapter. A: What?! But D, this is a pivotal chapter. D: Oh, there are far betterContinue reading “First Fridays: Chapter Three”

First Fridays: Chapter Two

Every Friday, for the rest of the year (and then some – there are actually 55 chapters in Changelings), I am presenting the first page of each sequential chapter in the book – but the real fun comes after the chapter, with behind-the-scenes goodies, historical footnotes and a bit of dialogue with a certain Druid. EnjoyContinue reading “First Fridays: Chapter Two”

A Year of Fridays

Ah, January – every year you inspire me to get organized, lose a pound or two (or ten), rededicate myself to writing every day, and lately, actually make a plan for the blog. And, usually by March, some of that inspiration manages to slip into a sort of inglorious oblivion. Now, the writing thing almostContinue reading “A Year of Fridays”


I heard this wild cry of terror, as though hounds howled against the night. The plain, Mag Mell, was empty – stripped of all lore, all magic and life – and Niamh Golden Hair’s curses rang in my ears. I would rue the day I had turned from her cause, she had said. As theContinue reading “Hunted”