Bubbles the Elf

… And we’re back! Combine the holiday season with a theater-kid and the plague, and you have a ghastly soup called: Death or Something Like It. Because I’m almost certain the last month is pretty close to what Limbo* was like – awareness, but without the ability to do anything, nor take anything but theContinue reading “Bubbles the Elf”

The Heresy of Before: Spirit Keeper, Part 1

So, weeks ago, Terrible Mind’s Chuck Wendig had this fantastic flash fiction prompt in which the participants were to pick two sub-genres (technically to be picked by a randomizer but bah! rules) and have up to 2k words-worth of fun with them. I picked “dystopian” and “cozy.” Because, how hard could that be, right? IContinue reading “The Heresy of Before: Spirit Keeper, Part 1”

Dancing in the Mind of the Beholder

This is for two WordPress Daily Prompts, yesterday’s: Mind Reader, and today’s: Game of Groans *** I see a lot of people. I work in customer service, and moonlight in reception. It’s a people-palooza. But this person – this person sparked my imagination. We’ll call her Joan. *** Oh my gosh, what am I doing?Continue reading “Dancing in the Mind of the Beholder”

Moments to Remember: An Origin Story in Three Parts

The Daily Post had a prompt up yesterday that tied in beautifully with their weekly writing challenge: Reflections. What follows are the moments that define me. These moments are a part of the origin story of how I became a writer – or rather, the writer I am today. The writerly me of tomorrow mayContinue reading “Moments to Remember: An Origin Story in Three Parts”

Three Below

“Wouldn’t it be funny if the ‘Three Little Pigs’ story got it wrong?” “Wrong?” “Yeah, like what if the wolf was the victim?” “And those pigs were what, rival gangsters who had it in for each other?” “Yeah, and the wolf was the hired gun. At the very end, the surviving pig in his bigContinue reading “Three Below”


I don’t remember my dreams very often. Those I do are worked into books (thanks, D), pondered because they’re just weird, or immediately discarded because they’re so horrible, I’m afraid of incurring the feeling of them throughout my day. Sometimes though, the dreams I remember are heralds. Not in a way that is prophetic –Continue reading “Dream-maker”


He whistled to his comrades to run – the humans were at it again. It had all started in the winter of ’14 – the winter that never truly ended. So many had died; so many younglings that never woke up. Now, life rarely managed to struggle through the dry, crusted ice that covered theContinue reading “Deeper”

The Sea

We live by the sea. It is just beyond us, really – a few kilometers away, over hill and heath – but it’s always there. Always breathing, always glaring or shimmering, depending on its mood. That’s what she would say. That it had moods. You can just see it from the kitchen window. It isContinue reading “The Sea”