Weekly Prompt for November 17, 2013

A: Check it out, D. D: It’s a spider web. A: It’s a prompt picture at the Community Storyboard. D: It’s a beautiful spider web. A: (Eye-roll) Better. Take a gander at this picture, everyone and submit your prose, short-story, essay or poem! D: Hey, look – there’s leaves too. A: Nothing escapes your eagleContinue reading “Weekly Prompt for November 17, 2013”

Bodacious bard bandies ballads

D: Bodacious? A: You have a problem with bodacious? D: No, but didn’t it go out of style sometime in the late twentieth century? A: The time-traveler is worried about going out of style? D: Well, yes – I’d like to fit in. A: Fit in? You wear a cloak and carry a big swordContinue reading “Bodacious bard bandies ballads”

On the third day of NaNo. . .

On the third day of NaNo, my true muse gave to me Three cough drops Two cuddly kitties And a family that’s dear to me. *** D: Three cough drops? A: Yep. D: Only three? A: Nope. D: At least three? A: Yep. D: Now now, don’t get all loquacious on me, A. A: Sorry,Continue reading “On the third day of NaNo. . .”

Spooktacular Stories & Alarming Adventures

A: Come play with us at the Community Storyboard for my response to the Ghost Prompt: The House at Carrick Close: Visitors for a ghostly prompt D: Why are we venturing forth when the edits for Book 1 are not complete? A: Um . . . D: It’s the night before NaNo, A. A: AndContinue reading “Spooktacular Stories & Alarming Adventures”

Adventure with us!

I’m not much a reblogger. That’s why I have the tale-telling (Spooky Sagas is our latest edition) and a plethora of links in most of my posts. Yet I’m an editor at the Community Storyboard, an associate editor at Green Embers Recommends, as well as a contributor at the Rome Construction Crew (a very bad contributor who justContinue reading “Adventure with us!”