Some News and a Free Book (or 2)

Cue the trumpets! Toss the ticker-tape! It’s finally time to tell you Book 2 in the Changelings series, Changelings: The Rise of Kings, will be available for pre-sale on May 30!  It only took 3 years, 3 job changes and a move to the city, but it’s the best birthday gift I could think to give toContinue reading “Some News and a Free Book (or 2)”

Living Musically, Or The Son of Paleface Returns

D: The Son of Paleface is the return, A. I mean, even the song is a reprise. A: I know, but there is the whisper of a ‘saying’ in my head, which escapes me – and may not even be real– D: Go figure. A: Cheers, D. Regardless, it either has to do with PalefaceContinue reading “Living Musically, Or The Son of Paleface Returns”

A Not-So-Shocking Adventure: He’s got it Pegged

D: I think I have it figured out, A. A: Have what figured out, D? Is it the question that beggars the answer, 42? D: No. A: Have you figured out why there is something rather than nothing? D: No, A. I figured— A: Have you figured out what happens next? D: Yes! Yes IContinue reading “A Not-So-Shocking Adventure: He’s got it Pegged”


I don’t remember my dreams very often. Those I do are worked into books (thanks, D), pondered because they’re just weird, or immediately discarded because they’re so horrible, I’m afraid of incurring the feeling of them throughout my day. Sometimes though, the dreams I remember are heralds. Not in a way that is prophetic –Continue reading “Dream-maker”

A Not-So-Shocking Adventure

D: Ever want to hear A’s actual voice? Me neither, but apparently, Green thought otherwise, and the two of them have ventured into Podcast Land to bring you The Not So Shocking News Dialogues at Green Embers’ Recommends. Personally, I think A needs to hire a voice actor for me. I have a short listContinue reading “A Not-So-Shocking Adventure”


The Zombie looked to the left and immediately regretted it. There was Jenny, from Human Resources. She was after him, he just knew it. Not after him, like he’d broken the rules . . .  again . . .  but after him, like she dug the skin-peeling, gangrene-smelling, reanimated corpse look. Bill-Z in Accounting saidContinue reading “Docile”