The Druid Dazzles with Daring-do

A: What exactly are you doing daringly that dazzles so much, D? D: Wouldn’t you like to know. A: Well, that was the point of asking the question. D: . . . A: I mean, you have something back up all that hype, right? Or you just a flimflam man? D: Flimflam man? Are youContinue reading “The Druid Dazzles with Daring-do”

And so it goes

D: Admit it, A. You missed me. A: That was supposed to be my line. D: Perhaps – and perhaps I may yet answer it – but you missed the snark. A: Maybe. You aren’t nearly as fun in the book. D: I’m a Druid fighting for his life and the life of his chargesContinue reading “And so it goes”