Spotlight: Three Ghosts & The Coming Storm

The wonderful, delightful, wise, caring, amazing (seriously, I can go on all day) Marie Ann Bailey of 1WriteWay tagged me in her Work-in-Progress post, in which she showcased her novel, Clemency. Marie is one of the loveliest people I know, and it has been my honor and privilege to get to know her these last two years.Continue reading “Spotlight: Three Ghosts & The Coming Storm”

Changelings on Tour: Green Embers

To kick off the Changelings Blog Tour is my good friend and podcast buddy, Bradley Corbett, aka Green Embers. He’s a cartoonist, html and css wizard, blogger and occasional writer (which he should do more of – he’s pretty good at it). He’s responsible for the colorful version of my blog tour page (thank you,Continue reading “Changelings on Tour: Green Embers”

Adventure with us in Spaced

A: Join D and I over at Green Embers’ Recommends for our take on Spaced! D: Wait, A! I have another one: A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. . . Spaced Wars A: Eh, it’s a touching tribute to the show, but I liked your other ones better, D. D: Fine,Continue reading “Adventure with us in Spaced”

Bloody Bard Bares . . .

A: He rode a blazing saddle…! D: . . . A: Come on, D. Aren’t you going to fill in the next line? Hint: He wore a shining– D: I would think wearing a blazing saddle would be enough mental imagery for the folks reading. As you’ve been reminding me all day, it is aContinue reading “Bloody Bard Bares . . .”

Adventure with us to the Heart of Darkness

D: You just like saying Heart of Darkness, don’ t you? A: Yes. Because it’s awesome. D: . . . A: Ignore the scowling Druid in the corner and head over to Green Embers’ Recommends for our latest installment of Entertainment News! This week’s theme: Evil! It lurks. It lives– D: It has eaten A’sContinue reading “Adventure with us to the Heart of Darkness”

Bodacious bard bandies ballads

D: Bodacious? A: You have a problem with bodacious? D: No, but didn’t it go out of style sometime in the late twentieth century? A: The time-traveler is worried about going out of style? D: Well, yes – I’d like to fit in. A: Fit in? You wear a cloak and carry a big swordContinue reading “Bodacious bard bandies ballads”

Six Geese A-Laying

On the sixth day of NaNo, my true muse gave to me Six books a-writing, Five Syllables! Four pumpkin cakes Three cough drops Two cuddly cats And a family that’s dear to me. *** D: Really, A? A: What? I am writing six books in the Changelings compendium . . . or four. Depends onContinue reading “Six Geese A-Laying”

Adventure with us!

I’m not much a reblogger. That’s why I have the tale-telling (Spooky Sagas is our latest edition) and a plethora of links in most of my posts. Yet I’m an editor at the Community Storyboard, an associate editor at Green Embers Recommends, as well as a contributor at the Rome Construction Crew (a very bad contributor who justContinue reading “Adventure with us!”

Please give a warm Hobbit welcome!

A: Hey, looky here – D and I are going to be doing Entertainment News at Green Embers Recommends! Thank you for the warm welcome, Green! We can’t wait to get started! D: He called me a scalawag. A: Is that a problem, D? D: Nope, not at all. Quite apt, I think! A: Plus…Continue reading “Please give a warm Hobbit welcome!”

The Druid Dazzles with Daring-do

A: What exactly are you doing daringly that dazzles so much, D? D: Wouldn’t you like to know. A: Well, that was the point of asking the question. D: . . . A: I mean, you have something back up all that hype, right? Or you just a flimflam man? D: Flimflam man? Are youContinue reading “The Druid Dazzles with Daring-do”