It’s all down to this

“Do you want that?” she’d asked him before, expecting his answer to be no, not realizing that he would rather die, would rather be a sacrifice. “I have a friend in there – a dear friend that I betrayed – and I can tell you, he doesn’t want that. He didn’t want this. He wouldContinue reading “It’s all down to this”

Stealing the spotlight

. . . There was no moon, no sun, no point of reference. Only the mist was alive with light and movement, revealing his way even as it sought to disorient him. Dubh walked faster, slicing a path through the haze. Although more than five hundred years had gone since he had passed this way,Continue reading “Stealing the spotlight”

Monday, Monday

D: Oh no. No, A – who is that? A: What do you mean, D? Can’t you tell? D: You must be joking. A, please tell me you’re joking. A: Does this mean you don’t like it? D: If you mean to tell me that this is m— A: (Giggling) Sorry, D. I couldn’t helpContinue reading “Monday, Monday”

Bits and bobs

“. . . And you, love, what do you do?” Maureen stared at Jenny Mallory – Mrs. Mallory to her and Sean – barely comprehending the question. “What do you mean?” she asked, trying to be polite. It was only ten in the morning, but it has already been a long day. “I mean lass,Continue reading “Bits and bobs”

When in Rome

D: What is this, A? Why am I in a box? Is this your idea of a joke – mad man in a box? I find your Dr. Who references to be very inappropriate. . . . A? A, where are you? A: It’s just for a moment, D. I need to get something offContinue reading “When in Rome”

A picture is worth. . .

D: Who is that in the bubble? A: Not telling. D: It’s supposed to be me, isn’t it? A: Maybe. D: I’m not sure how I feel about this. Hey, wait, why do you look so. . . I don’t know. . . A: Unhinged, crazed, ready to tear out my hair? D: No, thatContinue reading “A picture is worth. . .”

Happy Anniversary

A: Happy Anniversary, D – join me in a toast! D: Pardon? A: We’ve been official for 30 days. D: Official. A: Yup, I even announced it on Facebook, which totally means it’s real. D: A, your abuse of your language continues to hurt my sensibilities. Could you not speak in jargon for a moment,Continue reading “Happy Anniversary”

Storm warning

. . . Sean put his hand out, staying Maureen when she made to rise, whether it was to flee or face the noise, he wasn’t sure. Maureen grabbed his arm and jerked her head towards the altar. Behind it, he knew, was the sacristy where Father Rathborne and Sean’s fellow servers prepared for theContinue reading “Storm warning”

It’s all in your head

“. . .You’re sure it’s tonight?” “Aye. I’ve counted the nights, Maureen. It’s tonight.” “Well, I guess it’s a good thing we’re in port, then.” Maureen looked at Sean and mustered a grin. She didn’t feel really glad. In fact, she had argued with the Dubh in the letter on countless occasions, citing this reasonContinue reading “It’s all in your head”

The bunnies made me do it

A: I think I should go outside and write. D: No. Bad idea. I think you should stay inside. A: But it’s spring, D. The flowers are blooming, despite the fact that it was snowing just the other day, and the birds are chirping, and the bunnies . . . D: Which is precisely whyContinue reading “The bunnies made me do it”