First Fridays: Chapter Seven

Another Friday, another behind-the-scenes look at a chapter of Changelings: Into the Mist. If you’re new, you can start with Chapter One, and be sure to pick up your copy of Changelings so you can follow along! Seven Growing up at the edges of Clew Bay – shadowed by Carrickahowley Castle and Clare Island – it was hard not toContinue reading “First Fridays: Chapter Seven”

On with the show

A: No, D. Don’t do it. D: What? A: Don’t make me choose between you. D: A? A: I mean it, D. This is work. D: But I— A: No, I mean, they pay me. I have to. D: But– A: It’s the Show, D. I have to go; I’m scheduled. D: A, you canContinue reading “On with the show”

The history lesson

. . . Although she had been a captive, she had been safe – protected from a superstitious crew by a near-crazed nobleman. Grania and Sean had risked everything in the attempt to rescue her, and the reward was Bingham’s increased campaign to destroy native Irish power in the west. Word had already arrived ofContinue reading “The history lesson”

Out of Time: The Race

A: Hey, D – Look at what we did! D: And this is. . . ? A: Our short story on The Community Storyboard! It’s a deleted scene from my book. D: Am I in it? A: Well . . . you’re mentioned. D: . . . A: It totally counts, Druid. This Community StoryboardContinue reading “Out of Time: The Race”

A picture is worth. . .

D: Who is that in the bubble? A: Not telling. D: It’s supposed to be me, isn’t it? A: Maybe. D: I’m not sure how I feel about this. Hey, wait, why do you look so. . . I don’t know. . . A: Unhinged, crazed, ready to tear out my hair? D: No, thatContinue reading “A picture is worth. . .”

Bring out your dead

“. . . Good evening to you,” Maureen began, her voice ringing out in the stone church, cool and authoritative. Grania had taught her well. “I trust you are well. Was that you in the graveyard?” It took a few seconds for the newcomer – his dim outline all that they could see of himContinue reading “Bring out your dead”

It’s all in your head

“. . .You’re sure it’s tonight?” “Aye. I’ve counted the nights, Maureen. It’s tonight.” “Well, I guess it’s a good thing we’re in port, then.” Maureen looked at Sean and mustered a grin. She didn’t feel really glad. In fact, she had argued with the Dubh in the letter on countless occasions, citing this reasonContinue reading “It’s all in your head”

The bunnies made me do it

A: I think I should go outside and write. D: No. Bad idea. I think you should stay inside. A: But it’s spring, D. The flowers are blooming, despite the fact that it was snowing just the other day, and the birds are chirping, and the bunnies . . . D: Which is precisely whyContinue reading “The bunnies made me do it”

The importance of blending in

“. . . My lady,” Dubhal intoned. Sean could hear the respect for their captain in his voice. “Master Dubhal,” Grania returned. She turned her attention to Sean. “I’m sorry, Sean, Maureen was not on either ship. Both had been abandoned by the time we reached them, anyway – all vital crew had been evacuatedContinue reading “The importance of blending in”

Once more into the breach

D: A, you know, you really ought not to dance. A: I know. Two very confused left feet – I can’t help it, D. I’m excited! D: I can see that. You’re looking for me to ask why, I take it? A: It would help. I’d stop dancing if you did. D: Fair enough –Continue reading “Once more into the breach”