Go Our Way for a Movie Review

D: What is this “our” thing? You wrote the Going My Way review for Green Embers Recommends all by yourself. A: Don’t pretend that you weren’t there vamping in the background of my head, adding a deeper bass to Mr. Crosby’s crooning. D: I take exception to the term ‘vamping.’ A: That’s what I thought. Between yourContinue reading “Go Our Way for a Movie Review”

A Merry Christmas to All . . .

. . . And to all, a good night. D, A and The Kid wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Blessed Midwinter, Yule, a very Happy Holiday and whatever else makes this time of year bright despite the cold and snow. May your days be filled with peace and joy, may your nights beContinue reading “A Merry Christmas to All . . .”

The Sweetest Day of the Year

A: Aside from decorations and music, food is a big part of our Christmas celebrations. Last year, being determined to stick to my paleo-ish— D: How can one be paleo-ish? A: By being a real-food foodie: agreeing with the basic idea (which, I do – for health reasons) but also acknowledging that my enjoyment ofContinue reading “The Sweetest Day of the Year”

Is it Halloween yet?

D: No, but it is ‘National Talk in an Elevator Day’ . . . and look at this, A – tomorrow is ‘Barbie-in-a-blender Day.’ A: Which is somehow more terrifying than anything Halloween could throw at me, I think. Do you even know what an elevator – or a Barbie – is? D: A. I’mContinue reading “Is it Halloween yet?”

Celebrate good times

Sean thought he understood. Maureen – proud, fearless and free – had been captive to a crazed, driven man. She’d been unharmed, but alone and afraid in the dark. Now, she was bareheaded in the sun, a pistol at her hip, fighting back. Nothing he could say would ever change her mind, but he couldn’tContinue reading “Celebrate good times”

Happy Anniversary

A: Happy Anniversary, D – join me in a toast! D: Pardon? A: We’ve been official for 30 days. D: Official. A: Yup, I even announced it on Facebook, which totally means it’s real. D: A, your abuse of your language continues to hurt my sensibilities. Could you not speak in jargon for a moment,Continue reading “Happy Anniversary”