An Exercise in Prose: Lives Entwine

freamWarning: Prose ahead! The Daily Post’s challenge-of-the-week was to write a post in prose. Now, I know quite a few excellent poets, and I know I am not of their number. However, as my brain steadfastly refuses to leave D’s world, I thought a bit of prose introducing the players in Book 2 might be in order.

As I said, prose ahead – you’ve been warned!


I live.

Queen and goddess,

He said, the mother of kings.

Yet, power withers in my hand

And nothing to claim but portents and lies

Out of the way of history I step,

Out of the way of kings.

Let their magic die upon the Plain

I will be their pawn

No more.



I stand.

Stalwart and true

Hers is the gift of whispers

Twisting a song of power

While mine screams loud with terror.

For her I’ll taste the bitter sting of steel

In wars of men and battles of Fae

Yet his fate we will not echo

For our time, I swear,

Will come.



I fall.

Crippled druid,

A thousand times I die,

A sacrifice, upon the Plain.

Now I move as myth amongst men – a god

Of terrible vengeance,

A father of kings.

At my call, the sleepers shall arise

And his tyranny will be

No more.



I fight.

Daughter of gods

Weaver of spells, I see far.

Magic withers upon the Plain –

Death and decay mark his reign.

I will call to the heart of my people

And weave their songs once more.

With his champion at my side,

The age of peace

Will come.



I rule.

Sons of mac Lir we were

And fierce were our battles

‘Till the day he graced my door.

Cloaked in mist and forgotten power,

He won for me my crown.

Lies I twisted, all to tame him

Until the day, he slipped from my side.

My kingdom is myth,

No more.



I love.

I stand through the centuries,

A guardian and friend.

Mentor and mother,

The lineage of gods in my keeping,

And his word my only salvation.

I know when wars be over,

And kings awakened,

On that day my love

Will come.


D: Liar.

A: Excuse me?

D: This isn’t the Ballad of Dubhshìth—

A: No, but it has elements of an interlaced story that I want to capture with the final song of the Ballad. Besides, I think it would be kind of interesting if the ballad itself had these voices – you know, future—

D: Oi! Spoilers, A.

A: Oh – sorry, D.

D: As you should be – now who’s getting all – how do you say it? Timey Wimey?

A: Oh, my aching head. You must be catching.

D: Funny, I was going to say the same thing about you.

A: Cheers, D.

So, I have been swamped at home. The Boy is in a local production of Godspell. It’s fabulous (no, really – he was in charge of his costume, and with that many sequins, it can only be called fabulous). It has also meant some adjustments to our typically-lax schedule, so  my time is spent mostly on writing D’s narrative, and far less on blogging. Then, it snowed on Tuesday, and I, being the massive klutz I am, fell. Again. Thank heavens for mothers who are also chiropractors, because mine put my shoulder back in its proper spot!

Needless to say, my urge to glean news from the interwebs has been somewhat diminished, but my love for the following folks is not. Check them all out – because I know they have something interesting, fun and entertaining to say!

In no particular order (because I love you all). . .

**Update: Because apparently a sore shoulder means I don’t know how to put in hyperlinks, I’ve fixed the links below. Sorry!


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16 thoughts on “An Exercise in Prose: Lives Entwine

  1. Congrats to The Boy 😉 for his participation in Godspell. I’m sure he’ll to an amazing job with the production! Also, you’re so lucky to have a chiro in the family. I have a once-a-week session with mine and I love him to death. He’s changed my attitude with every adjustment I have with him! Love him to death! Lastly, THANK YOU, Katie!!! Thank you for the kind mention and your continued support. You’re awesome and even more awesome. Did I say that enough? You’re awesome! 🙂 It still isn’t enough! LOL


  2. Ugh…snow…Really? So is it really hateful of me to tell you that we had the air condition on the other day?!? Please be careful in the snow! I hope your shoulder feels better soon, Katie! Shoulder pain, stinks!! As always, I enjoyed your post!


    1. Thank you!
      Luckily, we had 75+ on Sunday, so my thoughts of snow are all far far away (and I hope they stay there… along with the shoulder pain, which has thank fully subsided).


  3. Oh, you poor dear! Will your winter never end? I hope your shoulder is better (nice that your mom could pop it back in place, but it still must hurt). Thank you for the shout-out and especially for your lovely prose. I got a little choked up over Dubh’s (don’t tell D ;)).
    Big hug for you (mind the shoulder). I love you too 🙂 And I also am looking forward to posts of the Kid in sequins 😉


    1. 🙂 Thank you, Marie! I know I probably jinxed it myself – we cleaned up the garden and yard over the weekend, and bam, then came the snow! 🙂
      I won’t tell D – his head is big enough!
      Have a great weekend!


  4. Oh my! Snow!!! BOOOOOOOOO!!!! Well I’m glad you’re okay after falling but I am wishing some Spring thaw heads out there… so there is no more ice and snow. D, you’re a god, right? I think it says that up there… or that might be someone else but just in case, you should end the snow.

    Thanks for your support Katie, can’t wait to hear more about Godspell. Sounds… fabulous! 😀


    1. He’s totally a god, and does he help me? Nope. Mutters something about supplication, instead. Godspell is ridiculous and awesome, and I have all the songs stuck in my head.


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