Three Ghosts: Part One

While the Christmas decorations were put away this weekend (sniff), one small tidbit of Christmas remains: a short story serial I started, with the help of a text message, a good month before Christmas. Theater productions and plague stood between me and sharing it with the world, which in retrospect, was a good thing. ThatContinue reading “Three Ghosts: Part One”

A Merry Christmas to All . . .

. . . And to all, a good night. D, A and The Kid wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Blessed Midwinter, Yule, a very Happy Holiday and whatever else makes this time of year bright despite the cold and snow. May your days be filled with peace and joy, may your nights beContinue reading “A Merry Christmas to All . . .”

The Sweetest Day of the Year

A: Aside from decorations and music, food is a big part of our Christmas celebrations. Last year, being determined to stick to my paleo-ish— D: How can one be paleo-ish? A: By being a real-food foodie: agreeing with the basic idea (which, I do – for health reasons) but also acknowledging that my enjoyment ofContinue reading “The Sweetest Day of the Year”

Beta Readers, get ready: Changelings is in your hands!

D: Also known as “In Which A Falls Asleep Mid Spell-Check” A: I did not. D: You did so. I saw it. A: I had something in my eye. I had to close them. D: Uh huh. A: Okay, maybe I did nod off, but then this song came on and I perked right upContinue reading “Beta Readers, get ready: Changelings is in your hands!”

I’m back. . . but not like Johnny.

A: . . . because it’s Christmas, not Halloween. D: That you make the distinction amazes me. A: There is a a huge distinction between Christmas and Halloween. D: Really? A: Okay, in terms of colors, yes. In terms of pagan-ness? No. D: Thank you. A: I try. D: So you aren’t in a snow-boundContinue reading “I’m back. . . but not like Johnny.”

Ode to Hot Chocolate

Hail to thee, molten joy! Dark and seductive or milky sweet You’re there in need, and never coy. I breathe you in, your steam and heat, I love you over any Christmas toy. *** D: Seriously, A? A: What? I love hot chocolate! D: . . . A: I love it so much, I’ve setContinue reading “Ode to Hot Chocolate”

Twelve Drummers Drumming

On the twelfth day of NaNo, my true muse gave to me Twelve drummers drumming, Eleven snowflakes snowing, Ten random factoids, Nine trains a-chugging, Eight ways of souping, Seven shows a-sassing, Six books a-writing, Five Syllables! Four pumpkin cakes Three cough drops Two cuddly cats And a family that’s dear to me. *** I shouldContinue reading “Twelve Drummers Drumming”