I’m back. . . but not like Johnny.

A: . . . because it’s Christmas, not Halloween.

D: That you make the distinction amazes me.

A: There is a a huge distinction between Christmas and Halloween.

D: Really?

A: Okay, in terms of colors, yes. In terms of pagan-ness? No.

D: Thank you.

A: I try.

D: So you aren’t in a snow-bound hotel fielding ghosts, but you are…

A: In a lovely home lighted by a million fairy lights and sung thematically to my sleep every night.

D: . . .

A: I have a lot of Christmas music.

D: How much i s a lot?

A: Um . . . 1, 2, 3. . . 641 . . . Sorry, numbers really aren’t my thing.

D: Numbers hurt Johnny, don’t they?

A: Yes. If only Mr. King had known that.

D: (With apologies to Mr. King)

A: (Ditto)

D: (Wait, you agree with me?)

A: (Only on every other Wednesday)

D: (Ah, I see . . . are we going to stop speaking parenthetically at any point?)

A: (How about now?)

D: Indeed. So, A: what brings you to the blog? I thought you had “better” things to do?

A: Oh, don’t get all moody on me, Druid. The play was spectacular. The time with the boy was even better, and the editing? My goodness, it was  a breeze. Is it a bad thing that I liked reading the story?

D: Maybe.

A: I gave you three more scenes.

D:  Oh well, in that case, I think it stupendous!

A: Thought so.

D: Does this mean. . .

A: Yes, D?

D: Does this mean, you are actually done with Book One?

A: Well. . .

D: Come on, A . . . don’t leave an old Druid hanging!

A: I guess. . .

D: Yes??

A: . . . Book One is done!

(The heavens erupt with joyous praise. . . oh wait, that’s just D breaking out his 1-man-band).

D: I knew it!

(Dancing and singing ensue. Best get a large mug of mead. This is going to go on for a while).

A: So, I know I’ve been absent from the blogosphere, and that makes me a very bad blogger, BUT!

D: And it’s a big . . .

A: Really?

D: I have been in your head for over 13 years.

A: May the Gods have mercy on your soul.

D: Well said. Anyway. . .

A: If you ever had any interest in being a beta reader for D&A/The Changelings Series, now is the time to say AYE! PDF copies of Book One, The Changelings: Into the Mist, will go out on Friday.

D: In other words, if you ever wanted to give A —

A: Or D —

D: What-for, now is your chance.

A: Thanks, D. (Check out the “Contact us” form at the end of this to sign up for a chance to read The Changelings: Into the Mist as a beta reader!)

I also want to say, to those who are still reading after our several-week hiatus, thank you. It wasn’t easy coming out of blogging-retirement, but at the same time, the absence  of connection made it necessary. It isn’t about platform, it isn’t about some amorphous “thing” for the published-author-in-waiting that makes me come back, it’s all of you. I’ve missed you.

I purposely put away email and connection, except for Facebook (still had to promote the play locally, of course), for a few weeks and it’s been kind of lonely. I’m usually okay with lonely, but this time around, not so much. So, I’m back. I’m back and I’m focused on capturing the Christmas Spirit, whatever that means. I want to share with all of you my Christmas love, which I normally have in abundance. It starts with music. I grew up with only 2 Christmas records: The Magic of Christmas and Bing Crosby’s Christmas Classics. Since then, I’ve amassed over 600 Christmas songs. The one below, it is my current favorite. Over the next couple of days, I’ll share my Christmas song highlights.

What do you think? What is your favorite Christmas/Holiday song? I mean absolute favorite? 

PS: If you want to be a beta-reader for The Changelings: Into the Mist, let me know in the “contact me” form below, or in comments.

Cheers and much love,


Published by Katie Sullivan

Descended of pirates and revolutionaries, Katie Sullivan is a lover and student of all things Irish. Born in the States, she is a dual US/Irish citizen, and studied history and politics at University College, Dublin – although, at the time, she seriously considered switching to law, if only so she could attend lectures at the castle on campus. She lives in Milwaukee with her daughter, two cats and a pesky character in her head named D (but you can call him Dubh). Her first series, The Changelings Saga, a young adult historical fantasy trilogy is available on Amazon. She can be found writing with said character at her blog, The D/A Dialogues.

28 thoughts on “I’m back. . . but not like Johnny.

  1. Welcome back!! You have been missed. It looked like you had a ton of fun. I am going to have to pass on the great opportunity to beta read as I am simply rubbish at it, lol. Hope you’ve gotten a ton of takers though. 🙂


  2. Hi, I’m Helena… you may remember me or my stripey-socked co-conspirator the Countess Penelope of Arcadia (which is somewhere near the North Pole these days). I have missed you!!! I, too, am preparing to give birth, and I’m just waiting for the cover art to be done, which I hope will be mid-January, fingers and toes all crossed. I have been BEGGING you to read your novel, so of course I want to be a beta-reader. The only problem I can foresee is that my BetaMax machine hasn’t worked for ages, darling — I have since upgraded to a BluRay player — will these PDFs you speak of work in that? (let the MU HA HAs begin, darling) Merry Christmas to you and the boy; I hope you get all sorts of lovely things in your stockings.


  3. Big congrats and welcome back! Hey, that rhymes! lol When will Book 1 hit the shelves? And I’m also a definite Christmas music hog, too. It’s been playing non-stop for the past several weeks now. Love this season!


    1. Thank you, Jack – I’m not sure yet. I want to take the beta reader feedback and let my cover artist go through her finals before I start making those decisions! 🙂 If things go well, probably in the spring. I don’t want there to be a big lag between book 1 and book 2, either, so I might push it out to early summer. Editing on Book 2 starts Jan 1.


  4. I MISSED YOU!!! I did a happy dance in my chair when I saw your post among my emails this morning 🙂 Sounds you had a wonderful time off from blogging. It’s probably good to take some time away now and then even if one doesn’t have a play to put on or a kid to hang out with 🙂 But I am thrilled that you are back! And congrats on getting Book 1 done!


    1. It was very nice, and the boy even mentioned that he kind of liked having me around (he’s 13 in 9 days – that’s one heck of a compliment!) But I’m glad to be back. After the holidays I’ll need to take stock and make a plan for the blog – a real plan, with pre-writing of posts and what-not, but until then, I’m happy to share some of my Christmas favorites! 🙂


    1. Thank you! Not sure yet – I’m going to take it slow and take stock after the beta readers’ input comes back! Also, my cover artist is going into finals at the moment, so the heavens only know! 🙂


      1. In so many ways (and for so many different types of artists!) I also just realized that I don’t want a big lag between book 1 and book 2, since 1 ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. Editing for 2 starts on Jan 1, so it might get pushed out to summer. But that’s okay, gives me time to perfect it!


    1. You’re the best – thank you, Dean! I do indeed have your email! The PDF will come late on Friday (probably more like early Saturday, your time) and from my other email (ktirsh at gmail dot com). Of course, now I’m kind of nervous, because I don’t think I give Dublin near enough descriptive service, and you’re probably going to laugh at my attempts to put some sort of linguistic color on my characters (they’re from the Clew Bay area)! Oh well, this is what beta readers are for, right?! 🙂


  5. Yay!!! We have Book One 🙂 Isn’t that feeling great! You finally feel that what you have is worthy of other readers taking a look. I wish you the best success.

    Ahahaha! What a cute little Christmas song. Thank you for sharing. I shall have to look this up when the family gathers Sunday.

    The infamous 10 pound fruitcake. People used to pass them around re-gifting them at holiday time. You never really knew if you were getting this years cake or last year’s cake. My grandmother said they were popular when she was a little girl because fruit and sugar were scarce. So they were a special treat with candied and dried fruits and nuts.


    1. Thank you thank you! Coming to the realization that it was ready for other eyes was very exciting!

      We never did fruit cake, but I loved the Christmas Pudding my ex-mother-in-law used to make (Irish recipe). It’s quite like figgy pudding and the pre-cursor to the fruitcake. I also like to make real sugar plums, which is similar but not cooked (just dried and chopped dried plums, nuts, apricots and something else).


      1. I wish you the best with your book. I wish I could commit to beta read. I would love to do it, but I am afraid that my inability to stick to a schedule might hamper, not help, the process.


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