Changelings on Tour: Andra Watkins

Have you ever met someone who is just one of your people? On day six of the Changelings Blog Tour, Andra Watkins, author of To Live Forever: The Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis (buy it!) is host. Andra has to be one of the most amusing and insightful people I’ve met on my blogging journey.Continue reading “Changelings on Tour: Andra Watkins”

The People’s Republic of Helena needs YOU!

A: D. D! Wake up, D! D: Wha-what is it, woman?! A: We have a job to do. D: Don’t you always have a job to do? Isn’t that what you claim keeps you in coffee and bandwith? A: Yes, but this is an even more important job. D: Oh, pray tell . . .Continue reading “The People’s Republic of Helena needs YOU!”

Out of My Head Over You

While A is away, the blog continues to play. Please welcome Andra Watkins of The Accidental Cootchie Mama. A:  This is all about Katie, isn’t it? D:  What is? A:  How horrid you’re being. You’re put out because she’s not here, and you have to deal with me, and I’m a pathetic substitute. D:  IContinue reading “Out of My Head Over You”