Changelings: A Recap

Happy December, Blogosphere!

My little stash - plus, an awesome poster!
My little stash – plus, an awesome poster!

It’s been a wild, eye-opening month since I began the last stages of Changelings release – a rewarding crowd-funding campaign, a lovely release party and a trip across the interwebs. There have been some amazing reviews and support – it’s beyond my comprehension and my gratitude is matched only by how tired I am.

Did the IndiGoGo campaign make its final goal? No. And that is my fault. In the final weeks, my push to find funders faltered and I ended a scant $55 short. Quite frankly, that is nothing in the grand scheme of things, and I’ve decided to look at it as a plus, because honestly, I never realized I had it in me to start one in the first place. So, in my heated little brain, the campaign was an amazing success, and I’m already working with IngramSpark to have the book available for printing through them.

Further advertising will come as my budget allows, and I’m more than happy with that. D and I will keep plugging away at this little blog, particularly after the holidays, and there’s the second book to finish editing – not to mention developing the outlines for books three, four, five and six.

That’s right, in the whirlwind that was November, I may have acknowledged and then confirmed that book 2, The Coming Storm was not the end. While I may divert into the world of The Heresy of Before for a little while (although, not in the way I expected at first… more on that development later), I am not done with my Changelings just yet. Readers of the book will know there is a story to be told – and it’s not just D’s, but also his mother’s story.

On Sale Now!
On Sale Now!

It’s exciting and a little mind-boggling. Right now I’m just happy to have Changelings out there – and happy to have survived its release. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy working backstage during this year’s Mukwonago Village Players’ Christmas Show (“The Gifts of Christmas” – if you’re in the area, it’s a funny, heartwarming extravaganza!) while Thomas plays onstage. Well, that and see how well my plan to wrap gifts as I get them instead of all on the 23rd (as has been my norm for almost 25 years) goes!

So thank you all again – if you contributed publicly, your name is now enshrined forever on both The D/A Dialogues “A Word of Thanks,” above, as well as my author page.

There are also those who have been reviewing while I’ve been apparently hibernating (I wasn’t, but I was laid low with a variety of ailments – but hey, I read all of the Hunger Games so it worked out). Pamela Beckford, Bradley Corbett, Andra Watkins and Jack Flacco have been busy busy busy at a slew of review places letting people know what they think of the book. You can check out the reviews, certainly (and they’re beyond lovely) but better yet, check out the rest of their sites, because those are even better!

Please know, all of you, that support not only buoyed my spirits, but also helped make the Changelings release a wonderful success.

Thank you.


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