Tale Telling

Have I told you? My name is D. Go on. Click on the link. Read that masterpiece I inspired A to write. It’s posted on the wePoets Show It community blog, and you are going to love it. I do. A says she’s going to write a rejoinder, but nothing can be as awesome asContinue reading “Tale Telling”

A Girl Named Cord Releases July 31, 2013!

D: A! A! It’s here! A: I seem to recall just doing this. D: No, A – ITS HERE! A: You are scaring me, D. D: A Girl Named Cord is on Amazon, A. You know, Briana’s exciting new book about Cord, a delightfully spunky cow-puncher in the Old West, who suffers trials and –Continue reading “A Girl Named Cord Releases July 31, 2013!”