The Editor

Another day, another film review – I’ll admit it, I’ve been refiling my creative bucket with a varied, and at times very strange, film extravaganza. The Editor is one of the weirdest t0-date (I haven’t seen the Japanese comedy/horror, House – I’m pretty sure that one wins all the weird) and yet, it was allContinue reading “The Editor”

Reviewed: Crimson Peak

Or why your horror needs more gothic romance, and vice versa… The macabre and surreal have a definite place in my heart – as do beautiful things – so watching Guillermo del Toro’s gothic horror, Crimson Peak, as a cap to a fantastical weekend at Detroit’s Theatre Bizarre , found several avenues to completely win overContinue reading “Reviewed: Crimson Peak”

Halloween Movie Favorites (Movie Recommendations)

D: It’s alive!! A: Very droll, D. D: Well, you’re the one with the Halloween Movie recommendations– A: Movies to get your scare on! D: Quite. Personally, I’m looking forward to Garfield’s Halloween. A: Really? D: Of course. The pirate sequence is actually quite good, and a little spooky. A: You never cease to amazeContinue reading “Halloween Movie Favorites (Movie Recommendations)”

In Review: Catalysts

Catalysts, a new horror novella from author Charles Yallowitz (Legends of Windemere), is perfect for a quick afternoon read. Even better if it is a drizzly and/or dark afternoon, because then the particular spell of this book can work its full – horrific – magic on your soul. Catalysts presents readers with a true monster, oneContinue reading “In Review: Catalysts”

Author News – Evening Edition: Catalysts

A: Look at this, indie author Charles Yallowitz’s spine-chilling horror novella, Catalysts, is available on Amazon for $0.99! From the Author When trapped in an elevator together, Jeffrey and Darla learn that misery doesn’t always love company. With the screams of death and chaos echoing from outside, they find themselves slowly slipping into a world of fearContinue reading “Author News – Evening Edition: Catalysts”