The prayers heard ’round the world

D: Have you heard, A? A? What are you doing – stop eating and pay attention! A: I’m allowed– D: A! I mean it, put down the peanut butter. A: Fine, fine – what has your . . . is that a kilt? You’re older than kilts, D– D: Woman!! Have. You. Heard? A: What?Continue reading “The prayers heard ’round the world”

The Druid Tells the Tale . . . for Ionia

There is a woman on this place you call the blogosphere. Her name is Ionia Martin, and she is Queen. It has been my honor, in my travels, to serve as advisor to clan lairds and sing at their hearth; I have known kings and scholars, and yet I have known none like Ionia. IContinue reading “The Druid Tells the Tale . . . for Ionia”