Words . . . and more words

Wordle: I love words
Wordle Word: I love words

D: I can think of a few choice words.

A: Can it, D.

D: See, there’s your problem. You never use your pretty words with me. It’s always short and terse and generally dismissive. I love words too, you know.

A: . . .

D: I do.

A: (Sigh) I know you do, D. If it’s any consolation, I’m turning off the internet now to simply write and enjoy some side-by-side child time. The words will flow, I promise.

D: Do I have your pledge?

A:  You have my oath that I will try.

D: That is something, at least.

Wacky world of words

For the Community Storyboard Day 12 Prompt: Definition.

I realized that while I love the idea of this prompt, what I really love are words – the words themselves, and the way they sound. Instead of making new definitions (does making up my own pronunciations count?), I will explain what I love about these words:

Predilection – to have a preference for something or a penchant (also a favorite word). I just love the way it sounds – the sharp rhythm of the consonants.

Pfeffernüsse – They’re German cookies flavored with anise. While I dislike the cookie itself, I love the word. It is a ‘p’ word that doesn’t sound like one. I like ‘p’ words. Yes, I did just say that.

Penguin – Say it. It is a funny word. It is a funny bird that doesn’t fly, and it is a funny sounding word when you think about saying it. Okay, maybe it’s just me. Also, a p word. I wasn’t kidding.

Fastidious – it is a fluffy word for someone who is fussy and hard to please. I love it.

Flibbertigibbet – Me (sometimes, according to the Pict in my head and the child who rules the house).

Ornery – a good old-fashioned grouch. Of course, I’m not sure you can say the word ‘ornery’ and stay irritable. Actually, I like a couple of words for grouch, such as cantankerous and curmudgeon. I blame the Pict in my head.

Rotund – it’s a rounded shape, or a rich, full sound. I never complain that I’m feeling fat … I will however announce that I’m feeling a bit rotund and should probably step away from the snickers salad that was at work today! It’s a nicer, softer word.

Gobsmack – Actually, I always think of god giving someone a smack-down with this one. I know it means to be astounded, and it’s really just slang, but I love the sound of it.


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11 thoughts on “Words . . . and more words

  1. Haha! Thanks for the great laugh this morning, Katie! Penguin. Penguin! PENGUIN!

    Oh, and I’ve totally use the word fastidious in real life! It’s a great word to prove how silly people are when they’re thinking how right they are as some don’t even know the true meaning to the word.

    Precocious is one of my faves I’m giving to you for free!


    1. I love precocious, too! I came up short on the post (although I think I counted curmudgeon and cantankerous). I love so many, sometimes they don’t all jump out at once to be counted!


      1. Had I been there, it would have been magically transformed into chocolate milk, darling.


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