A Not-So-Shocking Adventure: Gimme a Break

A: So, I think I know who should be your voice actor. D: Wait, aren’t I the one who is supposed to propose the names, while you poke holes in my dreams? A: Normally, yes, but getting in a rut is bad for creativity, D. D: You sound so logical when you say that, butContinue reading “A Not-So-Shocking Adventure: Gimme a Break”

Not-So-Shocking Adventure… with the Doctor Edition

D: Ooh! Sweet mystery of life, at last I have found you! A: Not bad, D … interesting subject, but nice voice. What’s up? D: Well, since you are persisting in actually speaking to the interwebs, as you call it (and in that ridiculous accent. Honestly, woman)— A: Click here to hear it at GE RecommendsContinue reading “Not-So-Shocking Adventure… with the Doctor Edition”


There once was a girl we’ll call Katie, Who was horribly allergic to poison ivy. One sunny day she was out, And traipsed all about And waits  to start itching like crazy D: Really, A? A: How’d you like my limerick, D? D: Is this what you’re calling creativity today? A: Maybe. D: We areContinue reading “Allons-y!”