Changelings on Tour: Sue Vincent

sueDay four of the Changelings Blog tour has Sue Vincent, of the blog, Daily Echo, as host.

I stumbled on Sue’s blog way back in the first fledgling days of my blogging journey. She not only expressed spiritual ideas I found familiar and inspiring, but showcased some of the most beautiful images of her corner of Britain that I have ever seen. If I hadn’t already wanted to make my way across the pond for a visit, seeing England through Sue’s eyes – particularly the spiritual and esoteric knolls and valleys she tramped across – certainly would have demanded my attention.

Then I found out not only was she a gifted writer, but her dog had a decidedly wicked and cheeky sense of humor as well. You can even purchase a volume of Ani’s musings on the world!

Sue is a very proud mum whose persistent optimism, tenacity and devotion are a stirring reminder of the unconditional love of a parent. I feel honored to have been allowed to peer into her corner of the world through her words, and even more honored that she’s let my work grace her page. Of course, she has an insight into a crusty druid like D, and something tells me he feels a little bit at home in Sue’s space!

Regardless, Sue, thank you so much for your support, your kind words and your encouragement!

Sue’s Vision

Words: Sue has quite a few books and all of them look wonderful, so I’m going to point you to her Amazon Author Page, wherein you can go wild, much like a child in the proverbial candy shop (I know I did!).

Life: When the Dawn is Your Teacher

Love: A Day to Smile

Spirituality: To Dare, To Dream, To Be 

On Sale Now!
On Sale Now!

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