Changelings on Tour: Pamela Beckford

Day three of the Changelings Blog tour has Pamela Beckford, she of The Year ‘Round Thanksgiving Project and Poetry by Pamela, as host.

Pam, and her fabulous new haircut!
Pam, and her fabulous new haircut! was fortunate enough to meet Pam through Green Embers/Building Rome. I was immediately enamored with the premise behind her blog: that the act of giving thanks is not just a one-day event. It is a daily event, a challenge to see the good in the world around us all the time. In reading Pam’s words – her musings and her daily anecdotes – I am reminded to live mindfully and actively look for things that make me happy – no matter how small.

As I read her blog, I began to see that although Pam considered herself a reader first and foremost – and warm sunny afternoons on her deck buried in a book being her idea of heaven (mine too) – she had a way with words. She wrote regularly for the Community Storyboard and eventually released her first volume of poetry, Dreams of Love. Two more have followed, Voices of Nature and Love: Lost and Found, and they are beautiful. If you haven’t picked up your copy of these books, you should.

No, really – you should. Don’t worry. I’ll wait – because whether it is to give life to the beauty of the world around us, or the joy in a lover’s touch, Pam has a keen insight and a remarkable way with words.

And aside from being a very proud mama and grandma (of one of the cutest kids around), Pam is a diligent promoter of other authors and a proponent of early reading initiatives. I have a feeling that if one has Pam in their corner, they have a fierce and steadfast friend – and I am very pleased to be counted among those she encourages. Thank you so much, Pam!

Pam’s Poetry

Reader: The Night Ones Review

Poet: Suns and Moons (Triple Tanaga) 

Promoter: Read Tuesday

Educator: Calling all Children’s Authors

On Sale Now!
On Sale Now!



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