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D: It’s always going to be about the party planning with you, isn’t it?
A: Yeah. Pretty much.
D: Good to know.
A: Thanks, D.

As for everyone else – you are all invited to attend the in-person and online Changelings: Into the Mist Book Launch Event on November 15! Because cake. And wine. But mostly cake. Check out the official Facebook event page for more information!

Katie Sullivan

On the heels of a lovely cover reveal, I have even better news: It’s time to party.

invite2The Changelings: Into the Mist official book launch event is scheduled for November 15, 2014 – in person, AND online. Thanks to the mysteries of technology (and a 13 year-old YouTuber in the house) I will be able to hook up a Skype conference video to the event, giving those who wish to tune into the readings and giveaway – not to mention throwing their hat into the ring to vie for the chance to be the voice of Dubh Súile – the opportunity to do so.

And, if you’re local, and would like to partake in wine, light appetizers and cake (who can say no to cake?!), please stop by between 4 and 7 pm Central Time on November 15.

All those in attendance – in person and online – will be entered…

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