Not-So-Shocking Adventure: Hugh Knows? The Druid Knows

adventureswithD-final (1)D: Does this pompadour make my head look funny?

A: . . . You know, of all the words I expect to come out of a 1300-year-old Pict’s mouth, those were not them.

D: That’s nice, A. You haven’t answered my question though.

A: What are you doing?

D: Trying out a new hairstyle.

A: And what’s that on your hands?

D: Oh, these? These are claws.

Claw Salad Tongs – Rarely used, because The Boy is often using them as Wolverine claws.

A: No, I think those are my salad tongs.

D: Okay, they’re salad tongs – I just wanted to see what it would look like.

A: Just wanted to see what ‘what’ would look like, D?

D: Claws.

A: Just when I think I understand you. . .

D: You could never understand my excellence fully, A. It would take more lifetimes than you have to live.

A: Really?

D: Indeed. Besides, I’m not sure how you can cast stones. Who is the one running around talking on the interwebs, and coining such charming phrases as “madcap recap?” You are ridiculous, woman.

A: Thank you (and click the link to the 6th installment of the Not-So-Shocking News Dialogues at Green Embers Recommends to find out just what D is talking about). I take it this is yet another attempt to discover the actor to match your, ah, excellence?

D: Indeed.

A: So, men with claws and pompadours? While you can be beastly in temperament–

I'm really not going to argue with this choice...
Um, okay. This can be the voice of D.

D: Funny, A. The claws are not a requirement, however I think the man that wore them for the silver screen might capture my wounded warrior spirit quite beautifully. He’s not just any beast – he’s a Hugh Jackman beast.

A: Hm. . . I really don’t want to argue with that one, but you do realize that it’s the actor’s job to give life to your voice, not your job to look like the actor, right?

D: Oh, well, uh . . .

A: Unless of course, you’ve taken up moonlighting as an impersonator. In which case . . .

D: Yes?

A: Lose the salad tongs.


Published by Katie Sullivan

Descended of pirates and revolutionaries, Katie Sullivan is a lover and student of all things Irish. Born in the States, she is a dual US/Irish citizen, and studied history and politics at University College, Dublin – although, at the time, she seriously considered switching to law, if only so she could attend lectures at the castle on campus. She lives in Milwaukee with her daughter, two cats and a pesky character in her head named D (but you can call him Dubh). Her first series, The Changelings Saga, a young adult historical fantasy trilogy is available on Amazon. She can be found writing with said character at her blog, The D/A Dialogues.

13 thoughts on “Not-So-Shocking Adventure: Hugh Knows? The Druid Knows

  1. Hey, anything with Jackman and claws, I’m there! Unless it’s Real Steel–then I’m not only there, but taking pictures, bowing in worship and wanting to get in the ring with the robots!


    1. You and me both – I loved that movie. I wasn’t expecting to, and then ‘wham!’ it got me. The Wolverine was similar – I expected fluff, but ended up really enjoying it. He’s fantastic, and I’m so glad the guy who played Jesus convinced the boy to watch Le Mis!


  2. I see Hugh Jackman in these poses, and I swear, it is humanly impossible to look like that. Yet, I keep looking. (D thinks I just wrote that about him, doesn’t he? Doesn’t he??)


  3. D in a pompadour! That’s hilarious. His vanity clearly shows through in this post. He definitely should lose the salad tongs, although I fancy a pair for myself 😉


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