Dark Souls and D, A Guest Post

While A is away, the blog still gets to play. Please welcome Hector, from the Adventures and Misfortunes of Hector the Aimless.

After the crow brought me to Lordran, I had a strange encounter.  I was resting at an old shrine when everything around me started to fade away in a hazy vortex of crimson. A man stood in front of me. He approached me, and before he left, we had an insightful conversation. It was this very conversation that made me record my adventures in this journal.

H: Who… Who are you?

D: I have many names, but you may refer to me as D.

H: So, D, how did you come across this accursed land of Lordran?

D: This land is called Lordran, eh? I have no idea what’s going on. While A has locked me out of her mind, I decided that I would do a bit of traveling in time. A distortion in time like I have never seen drove me to this Lordran.

H: I don’t understand. What is a time distortion?

D: The time seems as though it loops back on itself at a certain point. Do you have any experiences of déjà vu?

H: No, I barely remember who I was before I ended up in the asylum.

D: Asylum? You seem sane to me. Believe me, I should know.

H: In our world, there is a curse, called “The Curse of the Undead.” Anyone who is branded by this sign is thrown out of their lands and corralled to the North to rot in the Undead Asylum.

D: That’s awful! How many survive?

H: Apparently, I am the only one from the asylum to make it to Lordran. Something about being chosen to succeed Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight. Details are a bit…

D: Sketchy?

H: Sketchy.

D: I live inside the head of an insane woman from the 21st century. It’s not important now. I feel my connection to this world slip. Do yourself a favor. Record a journal of everything that has happened on your adventure to succeed this Lord Gwyn. Seeing as how the time keeps looping, if you keep a record, you could end up breaking any endless loops that may occur. My appearance alone may have an effect on the time distortion. Stay alive.

H: I won’t have any problem with that.

Before I could say anything else, D disappeared.

A note from A: Hector the Aimless/Commander T’soni  is a brand new blogger, telling the tale of his adventures in Lordran (Dark Souls). Visit his journal, drop him a line and most importantly, tell him his mother sent you. He’ll love that. Bloody kid – insane woman, indeed!


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23 thoughts on “Dark Souls and D, A Guest Post

  1. H is your son? Awesome! I guess he would know D pretty well then and know that D would call you an “insane woman.” Although my interpretation is that having D inside one’s head would be enough to drive anyone insane 🙂


    1. I also get the “insane woman” part from my own personal experience, and seeing as how D has gone through more years than I have, I think he has arrived to the same conclusion.


    1. Hi Jack! We aim to confuse, so I’m thinking we’ve succeeded!

      H (Hector) is a guest blogger who took D into his world. I (as A, the author) am technically offline as I attempt to wrap up the last half of my WIP while my son is off gallivanting for two weeks.

      D – my character, Dubh Suile – has made some really interesting forays into other bloggers’ worlds while I’ve been ‘away.’ It’s been fascinating to read and illuminating in terms of how people see him. He and I will return starting Friday. Since he’s been making me cry all week, the dynamic is going to be entertaining!


      1. D and A are the same – author and character – me and my muse, fighting it out.

        He annoys me terribly, but I’m not sure what I’m going to do without him once I complete his series! 🙂


  2. The opening line put me on the alert for some moody drama. Then, when I saw: “Anyone who branded by this sign is thrown out of their lands and corralled to the north to rot in the Undead Asylum” I knew I was in some dark territory replete with Homeric allusions. Or is it just my imagination?


    1. With D, anything is possible (and the same can be said for Hector). I’ll have to ask him and see what he says. It’s a dark, moody game, and I believe it could have parallels to Homer – And Hector’s journey in particular may (he is a huge fan of the Greek/Roman epics) indeed be Homeric. Thank you for reading!


    1. TC says thank you (via text at band camp – we realized belatedly that there was no wi-fi, so I’m answering comments for him!). I was fairly impressed, but I’m also biased.


      1. Believe it or not, this post makes a major story element amazingly easy to explain. It would of taken me forever to figure out a way to explain, and to explain why this “journal” exists in the first place.


  3. Is A going to be disappointed when D won’t let her run the blog anymore?
    Will her faithful fans be able to oust D before A returns?
    Will A have to start a new blog because D has changed all her passwords?
    These are things I wonder about in the middle of the night, ever since Marie from 1writeway got me started here…


    1. Supposing I was ever in charge of the blog to begin with . . . 🙂 D is having a grand time of it, isn’t he? For all his complaining he’s going to be really hard to manage now.

      Glad to have you with us, Patti!


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