Flash Fiction

World Builders: Part of the Changelings Compendium

The Race: A stand-alone short story from Changelings: Into the Mist.

The Ballad of Dubhshìth and Mairead:

From the Blog

The Heresy of Before: 100 years from now, what is left of the world’s free men pits itself against those who would presume to rule them

A Date with A Druid: A and Marie Ann Bailey joined forces to give their characters a night on the town. This was the result!

My Name is D: What if D was not a figment of A’s imagination? What if he was a con on the run, and A just happened to be the bounty hunter tasked with bringing him in?

Other Stories: Flash fiction, most in response to The Literary Syndicate’s weekly challenge.

Short Stories/Flash Fiction

The House at Carrick Close: A spectral flutter at the window proves to Kate that her transatlantic move just got a lot better.

The Adventures of Squirrel Commandant Rodrigo

The Adventures of The Kid

Fairy Tales and Other Worlds

Love: Love found and love lost.

Just for fun: Superheroes, skinny dipping grannies and more!

Fun at the Movies: Tongue-in-Cheek stories in the spirit of some of my favorite movies



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