The World of The Changelings: Family Trees

The families in Changelings are all intertwined – Sean’s is explored in The Rise of Kings, but it’s not until the third – and final – book, The Memory of Mist, that the full extent of Dubh’s reach in their lives is explored.

In that story, Maureen must delve into her family’s history – from the grandfather that never wanted her to the deep annals of O’Malley lore – in her fight to determine her future and stay at Cloak Tower.

I’ve always known how – and at what point – the families were entwined. I planted a few clues in the earlier books – and some red herrings – but it was exciting to bring Maureen into the full knowledge of just how deeply entwined they were. For her, and even for Aunt Margaret, it was a startling realization of just how intertwined they were – and how deep their connection to Dubh went.

A copy of Aunt Margaret’s research into the McAndrew family tree.
Maureen’s original family tree, doodles and all.
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