About the Dialogue

The D/A Dialogues: Exploring the sometimes-fractious relationship between an author and the character in her head as they go about writing a book together.

D: The Druid, also known as Dubh an Súile mac Alasdair. D is a 1300 year-old Pict who took up residence in A’s mind over 13 years ago. He is a Druid, a warrior-prince and a time traveler. He also impersonates a god from time to time, when it suits his purposes.

A: The author, also known as Katie Sullivan. A has been sitting on D’s story for over 13 years. Fed up with his snarky comments in the back of her mind, A is determined to redraft his chronicle, and make it resemble something readable – timey-wimey plot holes notwithstanding. Learn more about Katie.

D’s Story – Changelings – now available in print and digital at Amazon



67 thoughts on “About the Dialogue

    1. I was playing catch-up – I think I still have the subway story up on my browser at my (other) desk, and will comment there as well, but it was lovely. I’m a bit of a lurker and often have to play catch-up with sites I like, but just know that I am enjoying your ramblings quite a bit.


  1. At last! I lost this blog from my following list some time ago and I wondered if I’d ever track it down again. Then, per chance, I thought I’d check your blog as I remembered the name. And voila!

    I stumbled across a D/A dialogue a long time ago and was thoroughly entertained. It stuck in my mind so much that I used the core idea in a blogging workshop in my college. I was leading the workshop and it was my prime example of how you can add an extra flair to your writing. So you’ve made it over to an Irish University to a massive showing of twelve people. 😛


      1. Awesome! My friend is studying politics and history and loves it. I did Greek & Roman Civilizations for first year. 🙂

        Heehee don’t worry, I’ve been doing a job in college for the last 5 weeks that is all about calling graduates. I’ve called people who graduated back in the 50s; 98-00 feels as recent as last year to me! 😛


  2. Hi Katie-

    Thanks a million for the support on my blog! It means a lot.

    I’m glad you visited, cause I got to check out yours, and it’s a great read! You definitely have a happy new follower in me.

    Much success!


  3. Fascinating premise for a blog. I can be part of the creative process. I like the dialogue between a fictional and real characters. I assume you are a real character (you sound like one, in both senses of the phrase.)
    It sounds similar to my relationship with my hero of the McWhirr stories.
    The whole thing started because I started talking to myself when sailing alone, giving commands and answering Aye, Sir!


    1. Thank you for following! I hope I’m a character – although I think i’m funniest in my head, less so in the company of real humans.

      It is very similar – D was planted in my brain/books by someone else, but he took root and hasn’t left me alone. I finally, after 10 years, started the long process of writing him out of my head.

      I love your artwork and your concept on collective myth and creativity. As I get deeper into D’s story (end of book 1 and all of book 3), it comes out that he is myth: he was a “real boy” once and he grew up with the tales we call myth now, and then has to create the stories in order to survive/achieve his ends.


  4. It took me some time to reach your blog (and mind you, it was a really long travel), but when I finally did land here, I realized that this was an oasis! I love the “D and A” combination and the way both of them interact with each other. This is an amazing blog and I will make sure I read all of your coming posts!

    Happy blogging!


  5. D is such a crazy druid, lol. I love the whole idea of a dialogue. It reminds me of Greek philosophy. Had to have the conversation to get down to the truth, or something like that. Anyway just thought I would stop by and say keep it up. 🙂


    1. He is, he really really is. I never thought about that (which is sad, because I majored in Greek and Roman Civ once upon a time), but we shouldn’t tell D. He might get ideas. 😉 Thank you for stopping by and for the encouragement!!


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