In Over My Head … With Social Networking

A: Some interesting thoughts on the ways in which we network online. In this regard, I’m a neophyte!

D: Just in this regard? Really, A?

A: Wow, it’s just so . . . good . . . to be back, feeling the cantankerous love. Sigh.

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I think I’ve gotten in over my head. Maybe because I’m such an introvert, I think that having multiple social media accounts is going to make me popular. It could make me a pest. I’m always wondering if I have gone overboard, or if I have a good balance of accounts, or if I’m lacking. Here’s are the social media I have accounts and why:

1. WordPress: Well, this is a no-brainer. It’s my platform, my soap-box, my “self-publishing” vehicle. It’s given balance to my marriage (now I no longer complain when my husband wants to go out star-gazing. His absence is my opportunity to write).

2. Facebook: I only started a Facebook account once I realized that that was where all the…

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3 thoughts on “In Over My Head … With Social Networking

    1. I’m pretty much down to focusing on the blog – I aim for about 5 tweets a day on different things, just to keep it fun and then about a half hour on Facebook. Anything more and I’m looking at a black hole of time-suck.I’m on Google+ but I still haven’t figured it out. Google is taking over everything, so I know it behooves me to learn.


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